Please take a look at the various regulations and guidelines, very important for keeping the principles of working ethics.


Grading and Assessment of Studies

1.An examination is graded form of assessment of studies which tests the student’s knowledge and level of creativity in the relevant subject. It may be practical, written, oral or a combination of these methods. For the main subjects, examinations are usually conducted before a committee.

The examinations are graded on the scale A, B, C, D, E, F

  • A (excellent performance exceeding the relevant criteria)
  • B (above-average performance with a minimum of errors)
  • C (average performance with an acceptable number of errors)
  • D (acceptable performance with a greater number of errors)
  • E (performance representing minimum fulfillment of the criteria)
  • F (unacceptable performance)



Attendance & Regulations

Please download and thoroughly examine the principles of FIOFA Attendance & Regulations